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Car Detailing for a Spotless Interior

Enjoy the benefits of a clean car or truck inside and out with our car wash and car detailing services. At Bubble Bath Car Wash in North Bergen, New Jersey, we offer a variety of services, including engine cleaning, to keep your car looking great and running smoothly.

Polishes & Waxes

A good polish is required to restore a bright luster to the paint, and at times can remove swirl marks. The polish creates the shine, and a wax preserves the shine created by a good polish.

Armor All Protectant

This is formulated especially for vinyl interiors, dash panels, and air conditioning vents. It quickly brightens dry, dull areas. Interior and exterior vinyls, including tires, should be cleaned and dressed at least four times a year to prevent drying and cracking.

Polish Machine, Dash Panel

Cleaning Engine, Using Pre-Cleaner

Engine Cleaning

We have a great way to keep your engine clean and to increase your vehicle's resale value. You'll also save on repair bills by keeping your engine in top condition.

Pre-Cleaners & Compounds

These products are used first to prepare the paint for polish, wax, or both. The less-abrasive pre-cleaner will introduce less hazing, meaning you'll need less polish afterward. Compounds can remove blemishes, scratches, and light acid rain spots.


Sealants are polishes with the addition of Teflon. Teflon adds to the overall effectiveness of the formulation and could substantially increase the depth of shine and the durability of the polymer film.

Leather Cleaners & Conditioning

We use leather conditioners formulated especially for leather interiors and dash panels. We gently condition and clean to safely restore fine leather and then protect it. We can also shampoo floors, seats, doors, ceilings, and trunks.

Shiny Car, Clean Leather Interior